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Learn UX, UI Design & Figma Online.


Starting out in UX and UI design can feel like a mission to the moon. Let me guide you, and I promise it's not rocket science. We will learn about the principles of user experience and user interface design, as well as how to set up UI Design in Figma and understand code as a designer.

Or jump right into the advanced Figma deep dive sessions to help you become a true pro. No matter your level of experience, you can study anytime, anywhere.

UX and UI Principles

Learn about usability principles and heuristics. Understand how to use effective hierarchy & consistency in your user interface design.

UI Design with Figma

Learn about user interface design from scratch. Design impactful and component-based websites and apps in Figma. Master advanced features.

Code Basics for Designers

Be one step ahead and set up your designs with technical know-how. Understand the basics of markup with HTML and CSS. 

On-Demand Video Classes

Learn UX, UI design & Figma at your own pace with premium pre-recorded video classes. The videos are structured so you can run through them one by one and be guided from beginner to pro or jump into the topic of interest for more advanced designers. 

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Getting Started with Figma

A comprehensive walkthrough covering everything from absolute beginner to advanced features. Short and focused, providing you with all you need to know.

Deep Dive: Figma Variables

Let's explore variables in Figma, from basic setup to organizing with collections, modes to create automated responsive typography and some advanced prototyping.

Figma AI Intro

Figma released brand new AI features during Config 2024 that will help you get started with your design, find what you need, and stay in the flow. Let me walk you through all the details. 

There are plenty more...


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Workshops & Talks

New talks and workshops, online and in-person, are coming your way. Ranging from getting started with UX and UI Design and Figma to advanced deep dive workshops. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive early-bird offers! 

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New Book Release

Discover the joy of thriving as a one-person company with my upcoming book, Solopreneur: Growing Big While Remaining a One-Person Company – A Practical Guide

In a world fixated on rapid growth, external funding, and high-stakes exits, I found unexpected delight in staying small and agile, running a business without employees or outside capital. This book delves into the unique power of solo entrepreneurship, uncovering how modern technology and AI can unlock remarkable opportunities and foster sustainable growth for one-person companies.

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Hello! I'm Christine Vallaure, the founder of moonlearning. What started as my pet project has now turned into my full-time job, and I couldn't be happier about it. I love talking, teaching, and writing about UX, UI design, code and Figma, always encouraging UI designers and developers to be curious about each other's work.

Besides video tutorials, I also offer live and online workshops, frequently speak at conferences and like writing about UI design and code. Connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn or via my newsletter to stay updated on future moonlearning adventures. I look forward to connecting with you!

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Hi, I'm Christine Vallaure, founder of moonlearning. moonlearning is my pet project that has turned into a full-time job, and I couldn't be happier about it. I love talking, teaching, and writing about UX/UI design and Figma, always encouraging UI designers and developers to be curious about each other's work.

Besides video tutorials, I also offer live and online workshops and speak at conferences and meetups. Connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn via my newsletter (below) so I can keep you updated on future moonlearning adventures.

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