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 Hi, I am Christine Vallaure, the founder of moonlearning. 

For the past ten years, I have been working as a UX/UI Designer and have seen all facets. I have worked for leading agencies as well as self-employed for start-ups and corporations such as BMW, Factory, and P&G.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Product Design from Central Saint Martins College London  and a Master degree in International Business from ESCP Europe (Berlin & Monterrey). I was always searching for learning more about Web and App Design, especially in the area where design meets code. In 2014 I took part in one of the first coding bootcamps (Dev bootcamp) in San Francisco. I was blown away by this new hands-on approach to learning and since then have always kept up to date with courses and conferences online and in person. Moonlearing is my answer to those years of learning and searching, sometimes feeling lost, always feeling eager: One-stop, one walkthrough from beginner to pro in your own time. I hope you enjoy it. 


The design courses I attended were strictly about design, in my coding Bootcamp pure code. But, chaos was inevitable when both fields met in real life (which they do, if you like it or not). With moonlearning I want to give you a sound understanding of how things work in UI design. I want you to see that the technical part is fun, actually not that hard, and will make your design so much better. I want this to be one-stop, one page, picking your level and challenges in your own time.  I will show you not only the pretty, polished design part but also the areas where we tend to get stuck and the limitations and how to overcome them. My ultimate goal is that you feel like a friend is taking you by the hand, and you can ask all those stupid questions and get to the core.


German head, Spanish heart – this is why moonlearning is being built between Berlin and Madrid. moonlearning was started in late 2000 and had been growing fast since then.  Currently, it is all set up in English, but there will be a German and Spanish versions soon. If you are interested in teaching, collaborating, or promoting moonlearning as an affiliate, contact me. You can be based absolutely everywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. 


[email protected]

Berlin – Madrid