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Workshops & Talks

Take a look at the latest deep-dive workshops on UX and UI design, as well as Figma, along with the upcoming conference talks.

In-PersonūüďćSmashing Conference Antwerp

Design Beyond Breakpoints

Conference Talk

In recent years, we've witnessed remarkable CSS advancements with the potential to revolutionize web design. These developments will fundamentally change our perception of the classic browser layout, surpassing the standard breakpoint approach. Join me as we explore how to leverage these new possibilities in Figma.

Dates & Details

In-PersonūüďćSmashing Conference¬†Antwerp

Figma Deep Dive: New Variables, Components and Responsive Design

Level: Intermediate |  Sessions: 1 day 

In this deep-dive workshop, we will tackle one of the most essential yet tricky parts of UI design using Figma: truly responsive, component-based UI Design. We will learn about the brand new Figma variables introduced in June 2023 and how they play a key role in this setup.

Dates & Details

Online Workshop

Figma Masterclass

Level: Intermediate  | Sessions: 5 x 2,5h

Let's push your design from a pretty picture to a working and scalable UI design. We will look at aspects such as general file setup, color, typography, variables, components, variants, component properties, a loooot of auto layout and responsive design, and some prototyping. This course will focus on understanding the technical aspects of setting up your design to improve the communication, documentation, and handoff between design and (front-end) development.

Dates & Details

In-house: online or in-person

Team workshop

Level: customized to your team | Sessions: 5 x 2,5h

Want some custom training for your team? No problem. I offer all existing workshops (yes, only the existing ones, sorry) as in-house team training. Depending on your location, this can be done in-person or as an online workshop.  

2023/24 SOLD OUT

Past workshops & talks

Config San Francisco 23 ‚Äď Conference Talk
Join me as one of the 8 experts from the Figma community to share their best shortcuts, hacks, and time-saving tips during Config. You'll leave this session with tons of new knowledge to use immediately.
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Medium Day, August 23 ‚ÄstOnline Podium Discussion
Together with Molly Hellmuth, Femke van Schoonhoven, Dan Mall, and Joey Banks, we will discuss what it means to us to create agency with our work.
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Smashing¬†Conference Freiburg,¬†Sept 23 ‚ÄstConference Talk
Design beyond breakpoints. Let's start to talk about container queries in Figma.

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Figma Masterclass,¬†July¬†23 ‚Äď Online¬†Workshop (5 sessions)
Full Figma deep dive! We will look at aspects such as general file setup, colour, typography, variables, components, variants, component properties, a loooot of auto layout and responsive design, and of course prototyping.
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UX, UI Design & Figma Introduction, April 23 ‚ÄstOnline¬†Workshop¬†(5 sessions)
Get to know the all-mighty Figma and all its features. During 5 sessions, we learn everything from component-based UI to basic responsive setup and hand-off. Always based on the UX UI principles that we will get to know along the way. 
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Smashing Meets Figma, February 23 ‚ÄstOnline Talk and Presentation¬†
We discussed connecting our Figma files with actual data and APIs during this online session.
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9am Freelance Thrive, April 23 ‚ÄstOnline Chat
How to grow your side project into a full-time passion
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Figma Auto Layout Masterclass, March 23 ‚ÄstOnline Charity Workshop¬†ūüáļūüᶬ†
With this charity workshop session, we were able to collect $7,516 and donate it to Aktion Deutschland Hilft for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

Smashing¬†Conference New York, Oct 22 ‚ÄstConference Talk
Discovering ways to enhance collaboration with developers by sharing and explaining the latest Figma features.
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