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Take a look at the latest intensive workshops on UX/UI design and Figma.

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Smashing Meets Figma

Level: All |  Session: 1 x 3h

On Tuesday, February 28, 8–11am PT (check your local time), Smashing Conference is hosting a Figma edition for their online community event Smashing Meets. There will be three talks. I (Christine) will be there to give one of them, where we will learn how to connect our Figma files with real data and APIs.
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Online Charity Workshop πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ 

Figma Auto Layout Masterclass

Level: Intermediate |  Session: 1 x 3h

Auto Layout driving you mad? Scared of what will happen to your design at different screen sizes? Then this workshop is just right for you! Let's learn everything about responsive design in Figma, from constraints to endless nesting in auto layout and mastering breakpointsAll proceeds will be donated to support Ukraine. 

Dates & Details

Online Workshop

UX/UI Design & Figma Introduction

Level: Beginner |  Sessions: 5 x 2,5h

If you are new to UX/UI Design and/or Figma, then this workshop is what you are after. We will start from scratch, getting to know the all-mighty Figma and all its features. During the course of 5 sessions, we will learn everything from component-based UI to basic responsive setup and hand-off. Always based on the UX/UI principles that we will get to know along the way. 

Dates & Details

Online Workshop

Figma Masterclass

Level: Intermediate  | Sessions: 5 x 2,5h

Let's push your design from a pretty picture to a working and scalable UI design. We will look at aspects such as general file setup, color, typography, components, variants, component properties, a loooot of auto layout and responsive design, and some prototyping. This course will focus on understanding the technical aspects of setting up your design to improve the communication, documentation, and handoff between design and (front-end) development. 

Dates & Details

In-PersonπŸ“Smashing Conference Freiburg

Figma Components & Responsive Design

Level: Intermediate |  Sessions: 1 day 

In this intensive one-day workshop will tackle one of the most essential yet tricky UI design parts with Figma: Truly responsive, component-based UI Design. The morning is all about components, and the afternoon will be dedicated to a deep dive into responsive setup with auto layout, constraints and breakpoints in Figma.

Dates & Details

In-house: online or in-person

Team workshop

Level: customized to your team | Sessions: 5 x 2,5h

Want some custom training for your team? No problem. I offer all existing workshops (yes, only the existing ones, sorry) as in-house team training. Depending on your location, this can be done in-person or as an online workshop.  

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