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I frequently contribute articles to my own blog on Medium and various other publications. Below, you will find a carefully chosen selection of my articles.

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UX Collective l March 24

Why UI designers should understand Flexbox and CSS Grid

UX Collective l March 24

The only Figma plugins I actually use

UX Collective l Feb 24

Advanced Figma Tips & Tricks: Little Gems We Love

UX Collective l Sept 23

Responsive UI Design with Figma’s Variables and Modes

UX Collective l Sept 23

CSS Container Queries: Why We Must Consider Them in Figma

UX Collective l Jul 23

Figma Now Supports REM Units: Understanding Their Use and Benefits

UX Planet l June 23

My Tips from Our "Figma Like the Pros" Talk During Config 2023

UX Collective l April 23

Advanced Figma Components: Tips & Tricks We Love

UX Collective l Feb 23

Advanced Figma prototyping tips & tricks

Smashing Magazine l Aug 22

Everything Developers Must Know About Figma

UX Collective l Sept 22

Working with Breakpoints in Figma

UX Collective l March 22

Advanced Figma Tips & Tricks for 2022

UX Planet l June 20

Ultimate Guide to Color in UI Design

Muzli l Aug 19

Responsive CSS Grid: The Ultimate Layout Freedom

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