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moonlearning on YouTube

I also run a small YouTube channel, where you can find a variety of short clips, helpful tips and tricks, and some tutorials, all available for free. You find a selection below. 

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Figma Tips & Tricks

YouTube l Jan 24

Advanced Figma Tips & Tricks 2024: Discovering Little Hidden Gems

YouTube l April 2022

Advanced Figma Components: Tips & Tricks

YouTube l Dec 2022

Advanced Figma Tips & Tricks 2022

YouTube l Feb 2023

Advanced Figma Prototyping Tips & Tricks 2023

Free Figma Tutorials

YouTube l Jan 2023

Sync and Trigger Figma Components, Variants & Props with Actual Data Using Google Sheet Sync Plugin

Download the Figma working file here to play along. 

YouTube l April 2024

Automating responsive typography in Figma with variables and modes.

YouTube l May 2024

Turn Figma text style properties into variables and bind them back to the style (Free Plugin)

YouTube l Nov 2023

Unlocking Figma's Prototyping Gems: Scroll-To Animations and Anchor Points

Download the Figma working file here to play along. 

YouTube l Oct 2023

What is Figma, and Who Handles the Programming? A Beginner's Guide to User Interface Design

YouTube l April 2023

Maximize Your Figma Workflow: Harnessing the Power of Sections for Efficient Component Documentation

YouTube l June 2023

Figma Team Library Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up, Connecting, and Updating Libraries

Download the Figma working file here to play along.

YouTube l Nov 2023

Mastering Figma: A Time-Lapse Journey from Wireframe to Prototype


YouTube l August 23

Exploring and Creating Agency 

YouTube l April 23

How to Grow Your Side Project into a Full-Time Passion

CSS for UI Designer

YouTube l Coming Jan 24

CSS for UI Designers: Understanding Flexbox and Applying it to Figma's Auto Layout

YouTube l Coming Jan 24

Understanding CSS Grid & Figma

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