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Usability Principles (45min)


Learn about Visual Hierarchy, Gestalt Principles, and common rules of effective Design.

When looking at UI Design, we can usually tell which design works better, but when you start working on your own designs, it's suddenly not that easy anymore. 

What is the secret behind this perfect distribution of space, size, and contrast that seems so pleasing to us? 

I will show you the principles of User Interface Design and what, how, and why they make a difference. 

We will look into: 

  1. Aesthetic-Usability Effect – Why even bother?
  2. What is Visual Hierarchy?
  3. Law of Prägnanz – Simplicity is key! 
  4. Law of Similarity – use colour, size, and shape to create a design system
  5. A little more on text- and touch target size
  6. Law of Proximity – Spacing systems and grids
  7. Law of Common Region – Creating sections and adding structure to your layout
  8. Von Restorff Effect – Drawing attention where you need it
  9. Law of Common Fate – Behavioural prediction
  10. Visceral reaction – Emotion in your design 

We will finish by designing our own co-working website from a wireframe, using all our new knowledge. 

This course is for you if you're new to UX design or an experienced designer and simply want to brush up on your skills.


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