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Typography in UI Design (45min)


Learn everything about how typography works online. 

I will cover all the basics from what web typography is and where to fonts, as well as an in-depth understanding of design & technical decision-making when it comes to typography in UX/UI Design.

If you are switching over from graphic design or already designing online but never quite understood what sizes you should use, why there is this box around your text and what on earth happens on different screen sizes, then this the course for you. 

Online typography is one of the crucial elements of your Design and the place where things tend to get wrong if you don't have your basics right. So to make you a pro will dive into: 

  • Typefaces & Fonts, and what's the difference?
  • Serif, Sans Serif & Superfamilies
  • Where to find typefaces
  • How many fonts do you need in your UI Design?
  • Setting up a type scale. I will show you two different approaches to get the font size right. 
  • Why we use rem and not px. Crucial for accessible UI Design! 
  • Font weight, line height, and line length. The little details that will make your Webdesign shine.
  • Contrast, and why you are legally required to get this right.
  • Responsive typography, is where the magic happens! We will look at different approaches and set up our own scales. 

You can create your own typography scale alongside that you can re-use for all of your future projects and save yourself a lot of time! 

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