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NEW FEATURE: Deep Dive into Figma Variables  (1h) 

Get the know the brand-new Figma variables 

Exciting news! Variables are now available for typography. Find all updates below!

Getting Started

  1. What are variables
  2. Variables vs styles
  3. Creating variables NEW!!!
  4. Organize with collections
  5. Styles to variable transfer (in the making)


Variable Types

  1. Colour variables
  2. String variable
  3. Number variable
  4. Boolean variable
  5. Aliasing variables, primitives and semantic setup


Styles, Variables & Typography

  1. Variables vs. Styles NEW!!!
  2. Typography Styles NEW!!!
  3. Adding variables to typography NEW!!!
  4. More styles with variables (Grids, Effects & Gradients) NEW!!!


Modes. The Magic. 

  1. Modes, the magic!
  2. Inherit modes
  3. Automated responsive typography setup with modes NEW!!!
  4. Binding variants to variables for responsive setup 
  5. Show and hide with booleans NEW!!!

Prototyping with Variables 

  1. Prototyping with variables
  2. Variant swap with variables
  3. Expressions
  4. Interaction chaining
  5. Conditional statements
  6. Conditional statements and booleans



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