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Figma Prototyping Course (2,5h)


Bring your design alive with Figma prototyping. In this deep dive, we will learn everything about creating basic prototypes, smart animating in Figma, re-usable interactive components, and how to share and document. 

I will provide you with a Figma file, that lets you follow alongside me during the videos or return to exercises with detailed instructions in your own time. 


Prototyping Basics

  1. The Figma Prototype workspace
  2. Where should my prototype live? 
  3. On-screen device preview
  4. Fixed and scrollable elements
  5. Sticky elements (NEW March 2023)
  6. Nesting frames for presentations
  7. Horizontal and vertical scroll
  8. Linking screens
  9. The back action 
  10. Scroll to
  11. Overlays
  12. Linking to external pages
  13. Action triggers
  14. Figma animation options
  15. Easing and spring animations
  16. Sections and stateful design
  17. Flows in Figma
  18. Adding videos to prototypes
  19. Preview on your mobile 


Smart Animate with Figma

  1. Smart animate in Figma
  2. Smart animate and moving animations
  3. Limitations of smart animate
  4. Let's build a smart animated app
  5. Remember: Animate with purpose and code in mind


Interactive Components

  1. Interactive components
  2. Nesting interactive components
  3. Easy hover and zoom animations
  4. Video interactions
  5. Interactive components and auto layout
  6. Funnel components


Documenting and Sharing Figma Prototypes 

  1. Document prototypes with flows
  2. Sharing prototype links
  3. Documenting interactive components for handoff
  4. Embedding in external documentation


Figma Playground

Concrete examples to copy and play

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