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Documenting with Figma (2h) 

design-to-development collaboration

Not quite sure how to share your designs with development? Dreading that team library update request, you received? Wondering if handoff is still a thing and what's the difference between a design system and Figma documentation anyway? Well, this course might be just right for you.

We will learn everything about why and for whom to document, what to document and share in which way and where.

Getting Started

  1. Why document?
  2. For whom?
  3. Is this a design system?
  4. Sharing and inviting in Figma

Shared team libraries in Figma

  1. Setting up shared team libraries in Figma
  2. Connecting to a shared team library
  3. Updating libraries across files and teams
  4. Moving components between pages and files
  5. Moving styles between different files and libraries
  6. Interlibrary connection
  7. Swapping libraries to create testing environments

Different places to document

  1. Where should we document?
  2. Document on a separate page in the same file
  3. Document in a separate Figma file or project
  4. Document in a separate Figma team
  5. External Design System documentation
  6. Documenting with ZeroHeight

What and how to document

  1. What should we document?
  2. Sharing with view mode
  3. File organization
  4. Colour stylesheet documentation
  5. Responsive typography documentation
  6. Grids documentation
  7. Spacing System documentation
  8. Components documentation
  9. Automate your component documentation
  10. Image documentation and export
  11. Prototype documentation

More tips and tricks

  1. Figma Tokens
  2. Quick embed code link
  3. Use sections 
  4. Storybook plugin
  5. Component checklist
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