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Figma AI (20min)

Figma released brand new AI features during Config 2024 that will help you get started, find what you need, and stay in the flow. Let me walk you through all the current AI possibilities to enhance your workflow quickly.

Right now, the Figma AI tool allows us to:

  • Create initial designs with AI and adjust them.
  • Rename layers, a much-awaited feature!
  • Automating, rewriting, and replacing content, as well as shortening and altering any text in your design, can speed up your workflow.
  • Create images with AI and use little helpers, such as removing backgrounds from existing images.
  • Translate to any other language with one click—my personal favourite!
  • Ai automated prototypes.
  • Plus, we have AI search coming up, which will be a lifesaver for anyone working on larger design systems.

Surely, the AI feature is the one we’ll see grow the most. This is an honest run-through of the features that are ready to be used and some that are fantastic to play with but might still require a bit of patience. I will keep you posted about new developments in this exciting area of AI design.


Video overview

  1. Make designs with Figma AI
  2. Rename layers with AI
  3. Rewrite elements of your design with AI
  4. Create AI images and remove backgrounds
  5. Replace and automate content with AI
  6. Translate to any other language with AI
  7. Automated shopping list exercise
  8. Connect frames with AI for prototyping
  9. Search with AI (waiting for feature release)

  + Figma playground file

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