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Colour in UI Design (45min)


In this class, you'll learn everything about how colour works online. I will cover all the basics on how to pick, mix and match colours and we will then dive a little deeper and set up our own accessible colour stylesheet with Hex values, colour variants, and solid documentation for development. 

If you are switching over from graphic design or already designing online but never quite understood how to handle colours online, then this the course for you. 

We will cover:

  • Hex, RBG, Pantone & CMYK
  • Converting between print & screen and the other way around
  • How to choose, mix & match colour in UI design
  • Colour variants. What they are and how to set them up
  • Naming colours the right way
  • System colours
  • How to document colours for development
  • 60, 30, 10 Rule for a great colour distribution

You can create your own colour stylesheet that you can re-use for your future projects and save yourself a lot of time! 


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