Blush: Free customizable Illustrations for Sketch & Figma

Oct 25, 2020

Blush is a new online tool created by Pablo Stanley that holds a collection of high-quality illustrations from selected artists around the world. The special thing about it is that unlike most other stock imagery, you can fully customize the illustrations, and they are simply stunning! They come in a sort of building-block-system.

Blush It is basically like Lego for Illustration.

Remember the day you discovered Unsplash for photos? Yes, it’s a bit like that but for illustration.


Figma and Sketch Plugin

You can play around with the illustrations in the web app, but it gets even better because you can customize everything directly inside Sketch and Figma. I will use the Figma Plugin if Figma is new to you check out my beginner’s guide here.

Let’s install the App:

Just go to your community section, type in Blush and select the plugin. Ready to go!

install the plugin


Explore Blush

Browse collections

Once you opened the app, you can browse the different collections and choose an illustration style you like.

Browse collection.

Add an illustrations

Inside the collection, you will find different illustrations, pick one and add it to the canvas.

Place illustration on canvas


Now you can customize background, clothes, facial impressions and pretty much anything else around the illustration.


Done! As you might have noticed so far, I did not even pay a penny! You get low-resolution png for free but can upgrade (currently 12$ per month) and get high-resolution images as well as vector illustration (SVG). With the upgrade, you can also change colours more easily to your brand styles.



Here are more of my favourite blush illustrations:

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