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Getting Started with Figma (2h)


In this class, I am going to teach you everything you need to know about Figma as a UX/UI Designer. 

We will start from zero, setting up an account and getting to know the Figma structure. 

I will then introduce you to the brief as throughout the course we will work on a real project to create a tracking app from the first stroke to finish design.


Part 1: Figma Basics - Creating a wireframe 

We will start with setting up a wireframe and flowchart using Figma whereby I will show you all the Figma basics such as

  • Setting up frames
  • Adding shapes, text, and color
  • Vector drawings in Figma
  • learn about the layers panel, grouping, and positioning
  • The magic of auto layout
  • Using pages in Figma for structure
  • Creating simple flow charts 


Part 2: Setting up the UI Design

We will then bring the wireframe alive and set up the UI Design, where we will get to know powerful features such as

  • Styles for your color and typography settings to create a hierarchy
  • Setting up Grids in Figma
  • Learn about components and variants, a must for any UX/UI Designer
  • Use constraints to test your design on different screen sizes
  • Learn how to use the Figma community section
  • Clipping and fixing elements for presentation mode 


Part 3: Sharing your Files with Design and Development

To finish off, I will show you how to share files for handoff.  We will look at how to

  • Create a team library and 
  • Have a look at the Figma inspect panel
  • Learn how to export assets in different resolutions
  • Set up a thumbnail
  • Share your files with your design and development team 

In under two hours, you will find out everything about Figma that you need to tackle any project.  Let's start!


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